The Veteran Program

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Planning a funeral in advance of death is called pre need funeral planning. Pre need funeral plans outline wishes for funeral services and interment. To avoid inflationary funeral costs, prepaid funeral plans are available.

No Charge Burial in National Cemetery

Veteran Military Honors Veteran Military Honors

NO CHARGE Burial Site

NO CHARGE Headstone

NO CHARGE Grave Liner (if needed)

NO CHARGE Opening & Closing


NO CHARGE Presidential Memorial Certificate

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Honoring those that served

Veteran Military Honors Veteran Military Honors Veteran Military Honors

Military Funeral Honors

"Honoring Those Who Served" is the title of the Dept. of Defense program for providing dignified military funeral honors to
veterans who have defended our nation. Upon a family's request, the law requires that every eligible veteran receive a military
funeral honors ceremony to include folding and presenting of the U.S. burial flag and the playing of "Taps". The law defines a
'military honors' detail as consisting of two or more uniformed military persons with at least one member of the veteran's
parent service of the armed forces. The Dept. of Defense program calls for the funeral home to request military funeral honors
on behalf of the veteran’s family.

Veteran Military Honors Veteran Military Honors